Nutrition Time: Recipe Replacements


Gluten-free hemp oil is a great supplement for life. GF hemp oil can be used in place of olive oil, coconut oil and butter. It is also high enough protein to substitute meat like turkey, beef or fish (a tablespoon contains about five grams).

Hemp seeds are very healthy; they contain omega-rich plant oils that support cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol levels while improving heart function. Fibre-rich foods help with weight loss because it stabilizes blood sugar thus eliminating cravings for junk food due to dips and spikes. The fibre will fill you up faster than processed crabs too. If you want to know that, does hemp have gluten? Read on

Does hemp have gluten in it?

Hemp is naturally gluten-free, but because it’s a highly commercialized crop, often there are cross-contamination issues. Therefore, when purchasing hemp oil or seeds, make sure that the product has been certified as free of any allergens, including wheat, rye and barley, by an independent third-party organization like The Gluten Project. Also, be aware that some manufactures may process their products on equipment used for gluten-containing grains, so you should contact them directly to find out what type of processing they use to avoid this allergen altogether.

How does it help?

One of the best things about hemp oil is its omega-rich oils. Omega fatty acids are important to every cell in your body. They play a crucial role in many biological functions, including brain development, immune function and cellular health.

What are the benefits?

  1. Heart healthy

Omega fatty acids help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by helping to keep your heartbeat regular and blood flowing. It also helps lower cholesterol levels in those at high risk for cardiovascular diseases like diabetes, hypertension or obesity (NHS).

  1. Reduce symptoms of depression

The omega-rich oils help to keep your brain cells functioning by protecting them from damage and stress. It is especially important as the world we live in becomes more polluted with toxins like mercury or other metals. These can cause further harm to our body, leading us into a state of anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and irritability (Dr Weil).

How should you take it?

You can add hemp oil at any cooking stage: baking – for fluffy muffins and moist cakes; stir-frying – adds an earthy flavour that compliments beef, fish and chicken; drizzling over cooked pasta or salads.


Gluten-free hemp oil is a great alternative to regular cooking oils, and it’s easy to incorporate into your diet. Try experimenting with different recipes and see what you can come up with.

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