If you are a fan of duck breast and have been only having the exotic dishes at local restaurants, it is time to brush up your culinary skills. Cooking duck breast is not as complicated as many believe, and in this post, we are sharing one of the simplest duck breast recipes – the all-time hit pan-seared version.

Things you need: Quality duck breast, a large pan, salt, stock, unsalted butter, orange zest, pepper.

Steps to follow

  • Start by scoring the skin, which allows the meat inside to get exposed to the fat. Remember that you want to render all the good fats in the duck breast, so the cooking process should be done on a low flame.
  • Next, you need to season the meat, for which you can use your regular table salt, but kosher salt works better. Make sure that the salt is a tad more on the skin side of the breast.
  • Take a pan, preferably a sauté one, and place it on low heat. Now, don’t wait for the pan to heat up. Instead, just place the duck breasts on the pan. You will find that in a few minutes, the fat on the top of the breast will form bubbles.
  • At this point, you will have to adjust the heat, depending on how you like the skin. If you prefer to brown the skin, you can do the same, and then flip the fresh side down. Many people like their duck breasts to be well-done, but the pan-seared version works really well when you are trying the medium variant.

  • To make the sauce, add some oil to the pan and scrape off the anything that’s struck to the pan. Now, add the stock. We recommend that you use fresh chicken stock, if you can find, and let that reduce to the amount you want. The sauce needs to be rich, and it should take a few minutes. Now add the butter and swirl or mix your sauce, depending on the thickness.
  • Add further salt as per taste and pepper. Serve the sauce next to your duck breasts, or just top the breast with the sauce.

Pan-seared duck breast doesn’t get any more flavorsome than this. On a lazy day when you don’t want to try anything too carb-loaded, this can be your go-to recipe. Just order your duck breasts from a store that you can trust.